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Restaurants Downtown El Paso. Downtown El Paso is a great dining destination and it is not hard to wonder why. El Paso is full of fine dining establishments that include all food types that El Pasoans and out of town visitors can enjoy. Here are just a few of the best and tastiest dining experiences El Paso has to offer.


  1. Ámbar Restaurante: Offers Mexican cuisine rooted in Mexican heritage that mixes with modern presentations with over 800 agave spirits. It embodies the El Paso and Juarez culture.


  1. Anson 11: Modern restaurant and bar with two dining experiences in one. A casual atmosphere on the first floor, and an upscale dining experience on the second floor.


  1. Café Central: A southwestern-accented fine dining established in 1918, combining innovative taste with old traditions.


  1. Sushitto: An elevated culinary experience serving authentic Japanese cuisine and authentic hibachi dinings. 


  1. Mamacita’s: Right in the center of downtown, a trendy restaurant serving Mexican inspired dishes and drinks that feature Breakfast, Brunch, and dinner that also have vegan options available. 


Restaurants Downtown El Paso. El Paso provides a wide variety and great options for dining that caters to different cultures. A few others that are quite known include Sabor, Taft-Diaz, Lapa Lapa Seafood & Drinks, Toltec Tiki Room, Park Tavern, 1700° Steakhouse, The Dome Restaurant, and so much more!